Coded email and graphic emailer designs for marketing, sales, newsletters and business

Graphic Emailers

A Graphic email is one which has been designed with images and photos and then coded in HTML to be in essence like emailing a mini webpage. It works well for events and weddings as we can designed a beautifully themed email for you with invitations, maps, directions and links to gift registries and your website.

Its a great advertising tool and can be used for anything from informative newsletters, a beautiful gallery email, a promotion or a even a announcement or important message on an electronic letterhead. We can design and code and set up a group send solution to your list of guests.

Combine an e-invitation and a designed emailer for your event with links to encourage guests to visit your custom designed website. HTML emailers also send business leads to your site.

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Benefits of sending graphic HTML emails

◆ Make an announcement with detailed wording, photos and designed elements.
◆ Share your Gallery thumb-sized images on an emailer with links to the webpages
◆ Showcase your event
◆ Share your blog site
◆ Distribute your accommodation suggestions, extra information and maps
◆ Send your e-newsletter to friends and family and more
◆ Top quality graphics designed for your emailer
◆ Group email send management is essential for HTML designed emails

Email design stategies

All Designs Cape Town

Based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, the studio designs invitations for all Weddings, Birthdays, functions and individuals. Graphic design for digital, online or as print-ready PDFs & Jpegs.